2010-09-15 | Special Issue for Summer 2011 "Information Technology in Transition Economies"

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Call for Papers:
Information Systems Management (ISM)
Special Issue on Information Technology in Transition Economies
Janice Sipior, School of Business, Villanova University, USA

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 Information Technology in Transition Economies
Special Issue for Summer 2011
Deadline for full paper submission:       September 15, 2010

Call for Papers in PDF Format:
 Information Technology in Transition Economies

Guest Editors:
Narcyz Roztocki, SUNY at New Paltz, and H. Roland Weistroffer, Virginia Commonwealth University

You are cordially invited to submit an original manuscript for a special issue of Information Systems Management on Information Technology in Transition Economies. This special issue seeks submissions on the implementation, use, and performance of information systems and technology in the context of countries in transition from centrally planned to market driven economies, especially the countries that resulted from the break-up of the Soviet Union and other countries of the former Eastern Bloc.

Transition economies, encompassing approximately one third of the world population, are characterized by a substantial rising middle class population creating increasing domestic consumer demand, but also by frequent changes in the regulatory environment and thus some economic uncertainty with various social and business implications. Although many of the changes in the economic structure and business environment of transition economies were and are facilitated by information technology (IT), the main stream of information systems research remains focused on concerns relevant primarily to a narrow group of highly developed countries. This scarcity of research dealing specifically with the issues affecting information technology implementation, use, and performance in the changing business and cultural environments in transition economies provides motivation for this special issue.

Possible contributions may include, but are not limited to the following:
- IT strategy in transition economies
- Economics of IT in transition economies
- IT productivity and performance at the country, industry or firm level
- Comparative cross-country research
- Country specific case studies focusing on issues peculiar to transition economies
- Risk analyses highlighting issues peculiar to transition economies
- Global supply chain management and its effect on transition economies
- IT off-shoring / IT outsourcing into transition economies
- IT back-sourcing from transition economies
- International IT project management, focusing on characteristics of transition economies
- Human factors and their effect on IT system design and use in transition economies
- Digital divide in the context of transition economies
- E-commerce and its effect on transition economies
- E-government in transition economies
- IT education in transition economies
- Legal and fiscal policies regarding IT investments in transition economies
- Success factors in IT implementation in transition economies
- Exemplary models of IT implementation and use in transition economies

Consistent with the focus of the Information Systems Management journal, the emphasis will be on managerial challenges and approaches to address these challenges, case examples from the field, and/or innovative or unique practices. All papers should clearly state how they contribute to the understanding of IS/IT in transition economies. How are the findings different from what one would expect in fully developed market economies? How may transition economies benefit from these studies?

A typical paper length is about 7500 words, exclusive of exhibits. The review process for ISM is double-blind; therefore, please remove author name(s), their biographical notes, or any acknowledgements from your manuscript file. Do include a title, abstract, and keywords within your manuscript file. Short biographies, with contact information, for all authors should be submitted as a supplemental file at the time of submission, along with an indication of the corresponding author.  For details, please refer to the Instructions for Authors posted at the Information Systems Management journal website: http://www.informaworld.com/10580530

Please submit papers using Manuscript Central, the online submission system at:

While submitting, the authors should indicate that the submission is intended for the special issue and send a short e-mail notification (including the submission number) to both guest editors simultaneously:
Narcyz Roztocki (roztockn@newpaltz.edu) and H. Roland Weistroffer (hrweistr@vcu.edu)

Deadline for submission:                September 15, 2010
Initial decision notification to authors:     November 15, 2010
Deadline for revised papers:                 December 15, 2010
Notification of final acceptances:             January 15, 2011
Deadline for final versions:                February 15, 2011
Tentative Publication Date:                 Summer 2011