2011-06-20/24 | 1st Summer School in ICTETHICS

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Master Classes and Summer School

  • The ICTethics Summer School 2011 !

    Location: Budapest
    Dates: 20-24 June (Monday through Friday)
    Participants: Postgraduate students (1-2yr)
    Relevant disciplines: Law, Engineering, Sociology and Philosophy

        See more information: http://neicts.lancs.ac.uk/pdf/ICTethics-SS-flyer.pdf

The Summer School Programme will seek to give participants in-depth exposure to the ethical, legal and social aspects of new and emerging ICTs. Contributions to the programme will draw from research conducted by the ICTethics consortium. It is expected that participants, after completing the Summer School, will have a broad knowledge of key issues and controversies in the areas that the ICTethics project has explored:

1) Intelligent Environments
    Focus area: Personal Health Systems

2) Convergence of Physical, Mental and Virtual
    Focus area: Assistive Robotics

3) Internet of Things
    Focus area: Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)

4) ICT for Human Security
    Focus area: Biometric Identification

The staff of the Summer School will consist of consortium partners and visiting speakers from the world of ICT and specialized ICT-related research. The programme will emphasise the importance of interaction and debate, informed by the contributions of staff (research output, presentations, documentary materials) as well as the insight and knowledge our students will bring with them.