2015-01-15 | 13th conference “Culture and Computer Science 2015-Cross Media"

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13th conference “Culture and Computer Science 2015-Cross Media"
will take place at the Bode Museum
in Berlin on May 28 & 29.

Key aspects of the conference are:

• Cross Media technology
• Best practice Cross Media examples
• Interdependence between culture and computer science
• Influence of art and culture on future developments
• The media-compatible treatment and enhancement of information
• Intuitive usage of media systems
• Cross Media tools and applications
• Digitalisation in the cultural and creative industries
• Visualisation and interaction technologies
• Systems of modelling information, visualisation and communication in
urban spaces
• Interactive multimedia solutions for museums, theatres, concert halls,
exhibitions etc.
• Interactive systems in cultural and creative industries
• Municipal and touristic information systems
• Digital exhibitions, science centres, museums and galleries
• Virtual reconstructions
• Augmented reality
• Media architecture, digital extensions of buildings and urban
• Navigation systems
• Position- and context-sensitive services
• Documentation, visualisation and interaction in museums and archives
• Digital storytelling
• Multimedia guides
• Social and ethical issues in computer science
• Ethics in culture and computer science
• Ethical issues concerning the use of virtual and augmented reality

Deadline for the submission of abstracts is the 10 January, 2015. Please
submit your abstract to:
inka@htw-berlin.de .

For all further details please visit the website of the conference: