2009-10-18 | International Conference for Science & Business Information

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ICIC The International Conference for Science & Business Information

Sitges, Spain 18-21 October 2009


As always at the ICIC meetings, we devote much attention to the major current trends in the domain of scientific, technical and business information, as well as looking at interesting new research topics in this area. Among the varied themes of the 2009 ICIC, there is a strong focus on state-of-the-art tools  for extracting information and analysis, mining mapping and visualisation from scientific and technical information.  Since one of the principal raw materials for applying these tools is found in the texts of patents, we devote significant attention to intelligence derived from patents as an aid to decision making in organisations.


Sunday 18 October 2009 

17:00-18:00 Pre-Conference Workshop by Matrixware 

Monday 19 October 2009 

09:00 – 12:45: Chairman: Randall Marcinko (MEI. California)

- Victor Camlek (Thomson-Reuters, USA): “An Overview of the Geographic Shift in Economic Power”

- Martin O'Malley (Elsevier, USA): “Challenges facing the STM Industry”

- New Product Introductions: Thomson-Reuters / Matrixware / Questel

- Sabine Brünger-Weilandt (FIZ Karlsruhe, Germany): “Quality: A Key Factor in the Professional Information Workflow”

- Antony Williams (Chemspider, USA): “How Internet Resources are Providing a Collaborative Community for Chemistry”

- Christopher Southan (ChrisDS Consulting, Sweden): “An Updated Comparison of Selected Public and Commercial Bioactive Chemistry Databases”

- New Product Introductions: Elsevier / Minesoft / BizInt Solutions


14:45 – 18:30: Chairman: Nadine Bellon (Transgene. France)

- Karen Blakeman (RBA Information Services, UK): “Blogs and Twitter: Is there Gold amongst the Dross?”

- David Walsh, Andrew Berridge and Ben Gardner  (Pfizer, UK): “Pfizerpedia Patents Semantic MediaWiki – The How, What, When, Who and Why of Patents”

- New Product Introductions:  EBSCO / TEMIS / CAS / Linguamatics

- William Town (Kilmorie) and Deborah Kahn (Publishing Directions, UK): “A Study of Scholarly Communication between Chemists and of their Uptake and Use of Web 2.0 and other New Technologies”

- Richard Kidd (Royal Society of Chemistry Publishing, UK): “Find and Use: New Standards Link Information to Provide New Answers”

Tuesday 20 October 2009 

09:00 – 12:45: Chairman: Pierre Buffet (Questel. France)

David A Evans (JustSystems Evans Research, USA): “E-Discovery: A Challenge for Search”

- Christiane Wolff (Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany): “Development of an Intranet in a Worldwide Operating Company – a Case Study”

- New Product Introductions: EPO / InfoChem / LexisNexis / Aureus-Pharma

- Fabienne Berthet (IPSEN Pharma, France) : « Too Many Choices: How Information Departments Evaluate and Choose New Information Tools”


14:45 – 18:30: Chairman: Anthony Tripp (3LP Advisors, USA)

- Jean-Yves Legendre and Frédérick Caillaud (L'Oréal, France): “Building a Market for Intellectual Property”

- New Product Introductions: QWAM / Wiley-Blackwell / Intellixir / Patent Insight Pro

- Valentina Eigner-Pitto and Heinz Saller (InfoChem, Germany): “Progress in Automated Chemical Structure Recognition in Text and Images”

13.00-14.30 Lunch, Networking & Exhibition


14:30 – 19:00: Chairman: Josep Prous. Thomson-Reuters. Spain

- Monika Hanelt (Agfa Graphics, Belgium): “When does a search in full-text and chemical databases fail?”

- New Product Introductions: ChemAxon / CPA-Global / Decript / Knovel / Faculty of 1000

- Anton Heijs (Treparel Information Solutions, The Netherlands): “Visualisation of Statistical and Text Mining Results from Large Document Collections”

- Szabolcs Csepregi (ChemAxon, Hungary): “Representation, Searching and Enumeration of Markush Structures: From Molecules Towards Patents”

- Marc Zimmermann (Fraunhofer Institute SCAI, Germany): „Chemical Depictions – The Grand Challenge in Patents”

Wednesday 21 October 2009 

09:00 – 14:00. Chairman: Bob Stembridge. Thomson-Reuters. UK

- Bruno van Pottelsberghe (ULB (SBS) and Bruegel (Belgium)): “The European Patent System: Local Incongruities and Global Challenges”

- Ron Kaminecki (Dialog, USA): “Patent Research: How a Patent Document Resists Searching “

- Brian Bartell (Notiora Inc, USA; co-authors Robert Brown, Eddy Vande Water and Andrew LeBeau, Accelrys Software, inc): “Characterising Pharmaceutical Patent Space Using a Combined Text and Chemical Analysis Approach”

- David Milward (Linguamatics, UK): “Semantic Insights using Agile Natural Language-based Text Mining”

- Mihai Lupu (Information Retrieval Facility, Austria) : « Evaluation of Information Retrieval Tools for Chemical Patents and Scientific Articles”

- Presentation of the INFONORTICS PRIZE for the

best visual presentation


14:30-16:30 Post-Conference Workshop by Questel 

Affordable Visualisations for the Extraction of Intellectual Property Intelligence